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Smudge, Icee and Emmy in our new 5th wheel!
Hanging in their new vacation digs! July 2014

February 24, 2012
A warm welcome is waiting for me inside! The girls waiting for Mom to come in from the cold!

Icee and Emmy are both spayed and we are not planning any future breedings at DawnGlo. Thank you for visiting us today!

Home of: 
CH Tapscott's White Xmas DawnGlo 
*AKC CHIC #26972:
DNA Profile #V452845
**2005, 2006 HCA 4 Star Health Award
2007, 2008, 2009 HCA Gold Top Paw Health Award
(CH Yes Giorio vom Salzetal ROMX x CH Couture's Princess D'Tapscott ROMX) Bred by Pamm and Jeanne Tapscott, Tapscott BIS Havanese, Riverside MO - Icee
CH Tapscott's I'm A Hottie 
(CH Int Am BIS West Creek Hot Shot Tapscott ROMX x CH. Couture's Princess D'Tapscott ROMX.)Bred by Pamm & Jeanne Tapscott, Tapscott BIS Havanese, Riverside MO -Smudge
DawnGlo Midsummer Morn,
*AKC CHIC #61104 
2009 HCA Gold Top Paw Health Award
(CH Tapscott's Master of Ceremony x CH Tapscott's White Xmas DawnGlo) Bred by Gloria S. Dittmann, DawnGlo Havanese, Lake Zurich, IL - Emmy

Icee at Barkapalooza. September 25, 2011

May 10, 2011
From left: Emmy, Icee and Smudge enjoying their swing!

We are on You Tube! Visit us here!

Chicagoland Pet Expo. March 17, 2012
Glo with (from left) Smudge, Icee, Emmy

Dedicated breeders commit to selecting the RIGHT home for their puppies the FIRST time.
However, if you find you cannot continue to care for and love your pup, responsible breeders insist the dog is returned, regardless of the reason.
Responsible breeders want to insure none of their dogs EVER end up like one of these dogs!
Before you commit to the responsibility of a dog, please

The DawnGlo Havanese - Smudge, Icee and Emmy - welcome you to our Cyber Home-Away-From-Home!
DawnGlo -
* AKC CHIC: What is it and why are we so proud of it? 
AKC CHIC stands for: American Kennel Club Canine Health Information Center. The AKC, in conjunction with various national breed clubs, has centralized its database for various health test results. A CHIC number means that the individual dog has submitted to all health tests deemed important to a sound breeding program by the AKC Parent Club. In this case, the Havanese Club of America has designated the following health tests as vital to a sound Havanese breeding program: Hips: Patellas (knees): CERF (genetic eye problems) - a YEARLY examination: BAER (uni-lateral or bi-lateral hearing). Icee and Emmy have obtained their CHIC number by taking and passing all designated health tests and, in fact, exceeds the recommended tests by also having their Elbow, Legge-Calves-Perthes Disease and Heart clearances. A dog does not have to PASS all tests in order to obtain a CHIC number but in our case, Icee and Emmy have passed every test with flying colors and the results may be viewed at the OFA website: www.offa.org 
Why look for a breeder who health tests breeding stock? After all, you just want a pet, not a show dog! The importance of insuring a breeder starts with the healthiest dogs possible cannot be stressed enough. A sick dog does not make a good pet! If your dog develops juvenile cataracts at the age of 6 months, you are looking at a future of eye surgeries. If your puppy develops hip dysplasia at a year, you are looking at a future of impaired mobility and very, very costly surgeries that involve long periods of recovery.
No breeder can absolutely guarantee that a puppy will never have a health issue. They are not gods nor can they turn out "cookie cutter puppies" - all alike and all perfect. If they could, they would! What they CAN do is avail themselves of current medical technologies and insure their breeding stock is as healthy and free of the physical symptoms of genetic disease as they can find. Dedicated, reputable breeders do their best to bring healthy puppies into the world and they support genetic research into the problems that affect their breed(s). But until those magic 'genetic tests' are available, all they can do is the BEST they can do with what they have at hand now. And work for a better future for our dogs.
Take the time to become an educated consumer BEFORE you add that Havanese puppy to your family!
Please turn on your speakers! We have added sound!

At DawnGlo we are owned by HAVANESE (AKC recognized). Our HAVANESE (AKC recognized) are healthy, straight and equal in front, have the requisite 'almond eye', the slightly rising topline and coat appropriate for this AKC recognized breed. Icee is our foundation bitch and she holds 7 health clearances and has passed ALL of them. She has a GOOD rating on her hips.  Emmy now joins her Mom in holding 7 health clearances and passed all tests. Emmy is now a CHIC Havanese.  Reputable breeders would not now or ever breed a dog known to have a health issue such as but not limited to: ELBOW DYSPLASIA, HIP DYSPLASIA, GENETIC EYE PROBLEMS, UNI-OR-BI-LATERAL DEAFNESS, CARDIAC PROBLEMS, LIVER PROBLEMS, CROOKED LEGS, MONORCHIDISM (undescended testicle) or any other abnormality that could affect the health of any puppies from that dog.
I am NOT associated with the Havana Silk Dogs and do not intend to become associated with them.  A great many members of the Havanese Club of America care a great deal about the health of the Havanese breed and are dedicated to breeding correct and healthy Havanese. While some may talk the talk but fail to walk the walk (in that they use dogs with health issues in their breeding programs), reputable breeders both talk and walk the same ethical line. Thank you for visiting with us today!

Buyer Beware!

It has come to our attention that some breeders advertise "Health Tested" breeding stock when, in fact, the dog(s) that have been tested have NOT PASSED all of their health screenings!

NEVER TAKE SOMEONE'S "WORD" for the results of a specific health test! Always ask to see the paperwork/test results for yourself!

OFA issues certificates for each health test registered with them and the results of these tests may be viewed on the OFA website. Simply go to www.offa.org and put the dog's AKC registration number in the Search Field. You will then be directed to a page that shows each test, the date of the test and the test results for that particular dog!

Conditions such as cataracts, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, luxating patellas and uni-or-bi-lateral deafness DO HAVE GENETIC COMPONENTS AND CAN BE PASSED ON TO THE PUPPIES! Become an Educated Consumer BEFORE YOU BUY! Buy from breeders who ONLY BREED DOGS THAT HAVE ACTUALLY PASSED ALL OF THEIR HEALTH SCREENINGS!



Click the link to see the paid ad that appeared in February 24, 2010 NY Times from Humane Watch!


" And if we had required sterilization we would not have animals from whom to breed but I don't believe it's up to us to decide which dog is to breed with what dog, and when... So there would still be dingos, jackals, wild dogs of Africa, who live full and complete family lives but the domesticated dogs could be a being of the past,...

I don't believe 

it morally right, were dogs to disappear from the planet   

because we stopped exploiting them, to start producing them,

in order to bring them into our homes to enrich our own    

lives. "  Ingrid Newkirk, PETA, September 1, 1993. Prodigy Interactive Computer System                                                   

HSUS Exposed!
Please visit my Information For You page to see a news report on where YOUR donations to the HSUS actually go! I think you will be surprised - and not in a good way!

The Windy City Havanese Club represents the Havanese breed in the greater Chicago area. The club is open to all who own a Havanese. Visit the WCHC website at:
www.windycityhavaneseclub.org for further information.

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Now you can do your shopping online and show your support for the Windy City Havanese Club at the same time! Check out the great gift items available here!

Welcome to the Wonderful World of DawnGlo Havanese! Smudge (aka CH Tapscott's I'm A Hottie, Icee (aka CH Tapscott's White Xmas DawnGlo)and Emmy (aka DawnGlo Midsummer Morn) would like to meet you, welcome you to their world and introduce you to their family and friends. And please remember to sign our guest book before you leave!


Smudge and Icee celebrate Spring!

Tapscott's White Xmas DawnGlo - Icee.16 months. May 7, 2005


Founding Member, Board Member Windy City Havanese Club


Come on in and meet everyone who makes DawnGlo so special!

Icee dances in the show ring! Fox River Valley Dog Show,DeKalb, IL June 4, 2005


Puppies are not stocking stuffers!

Puppies are for LIFE
Not just for Christmas!

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