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"So do not grieve for me, my friend, as I am with my kind...
My collar is a Rainbow's hue,
My leash a shooting star
My boundaries are the Milky Way
Where I sparkle from afar...
At night I sleep in angels' arms
Their wings protecting me
And moonbeams dance about us
As stardust falls on thee.
So when your life on Earth is spent
And you reach Heaven's Gate
Have no fear of loneliness
For here, you know I wait."
Author Unknown


CH Tapscott's I'm A Hottie - Smudge
October 10, 2001 - September 28, 2015.
You have taken our hearts with you, Smudge.
You were and always will be the perfectly perfect puppy.
And as always, Mommy loves you best in all the world. Forever.

Too soon. 2015 Gloria S. Dittmann

We held you in one hand
A ball of fluff and
Sweet smelling puppy breath.

We watched you run and fly
In the yard
And climb your best pal, Topaz.

We promised to love you
And care for you
And always hold you close to our hearts.

You gave us all you have to give
And made our hearts your own.

Too soon.
Too soon.
The time is coming
When we must say good-bye.
For now.
Because all of the Yesterdays
Have crept up on us
And now it is far in the future
When we must keep those promises
We made when you were a ball of fluff
And sweet-smelling puppy breath.

That we would always keep you in our hearts.
Even when you have gone beyond our sight.
Beyond our hearing.
But never beyond our love.
Too soon.
Yesterday is gone and
Tomorrow is here.
And our hearts are broken.

Too Soon (C) September 28, 2015. Gloria S. Dittmann. No portion of "Too Soon" may be reproduced in any medium or form without the written permission of the author. For reprint information please contact the author at

Our perfect, Golden Soul. Topaz - July 30, 2004

Topaz -
Endeavor's Tribute To The Dawn, CGC  TDI
January 22, 1996 - September 30, 2005
For Topaz.
Heart of my heart. Perfect Golden Soul.
You will live in my heart forever
When you were a puppy and the children were young
We ran through green fields of Spring, you and I
And the children.
Time turns as children and puppies grow.
Summer came in glorious, Golden warmth.
We ran through summer streams, you and I
And the children.
Time turns and seasons changed as the children
 moved into their grown up lives.
A distant, winter chill blew over the fields, turning them from green to brown.
Now we walked, you and I
Through the Golden Autumn leaves.
Time turns and winter winds howl and snarl
outside the windows of our house.
We no longer walk through fields of green but we sit by the fire,
You and I, as we dream of days when we ran,
Through the green and Golden warm, with the children.
Time turns and the day has come when you hear A Voice,
More compelling than mine,
Calling you to Rainbow Bridge. And you must go from my side.
Once again you run through endless fields of green
but now you run
Wait for me, my Springtime friend,
For one day I will come to you and
Again we will run through the green and golden warm.
(c) September 30, 2005 - 2014  Gloria S. Dittmann. No portion of "Together" may be reproduced in any medium whatsoever without the written permission of the author. For reprint information please contact the author at


"...We'll walk together soon,
I'm sure
When snow gives way to budding leaves,
And birds begin to sing.
The gentle breeze shall call your name
along the waters edge.
For what we shared and what you meant
shall never be forgot,
Your friendship spans
the years behind
Your memory ahead.
You'll always be there next to me,
companion and good friend."
by Anthony D'Agnese
You were the first and the best. My first teacher and my very best friend.  Time passes and the world moves on but your tree still stands and new generations of squirrels frolic among the leaves and branches. I can never see a squirrel that I don't think of your endless quest to catch one and how many times you came so close. You were the only tree-climbing dog I ever knew and I still laugh when I think of you flying up that huge, old oak tree. Your time with me was too short but during those fleeting years you taught me so much, Toney and the most important lesson was the most difficult one to to say goodbye. You were there for 18 years and the place where you walked, at my side, is empty yet and waiting for you. Your home in my heart is yours and will be forever. Toney... You were and will always be The Mayor. First.  Last.  Always. I miss you and I love you best in all the world. And Toney, I remember all you taught me. Forever.
Toney - October 1, 1958 - Winter, 1977. Always First.

The second of only two known pictures of my dearest Toney. Taken next to 'his' Oak tree.

"...Grieve not,
nor speak of me with tears.
But laugh and talk of me
as if I were beside you...
I loved you so....
'twas Heaven here with you."
by Isla Paschal Richardson

This is how I will see Amber, Kelly, Toney and all the others who may run ahead and wait.

"For each thorn, there's a rosebud...
For each twilight - a dawn...
For each trial-the strength to carry on,
For each stormcloud - a rainbow...
For each shadow - the sun...
For each parting - sweet memories
When sorrow is done."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Cerri. Your loss will hurt my heart forever.

Cerri. I have no poem for you. My pain at your loss is deep for words. You were taken from us too soon and the pain will be with me always. Chase the flutterbyes at the Bridge while you wait for us and, as always, Momma loves you best in all the world. Sleep now, my pretty Cerri.
Cerridwen. March 1969 - July 4, 1979. Always in my heart.

Pyewacket and Tiki. 1981. I will always miss my beautiful Bluepoint friends.

           For Pye and Tik
"Your favorite chair is vacant now
No eager purrs to greet me,
No softly padded paws to run
Ecstatically to meet me.
No coaxing rubs, no plaintive cry
Will say it time for feeding.
I've put away your bowls
And all the things you won't be needing.
But I will always miss you, little friends,
For I could never measure
The happiness you brought to me,
The comfort and the pleasure.
And since God put you here to share
In earthly joy and sorrow,
I'm sure there will be a place for you
In Heaven's bright tomorrow."
      Author Unknown.
Pye and Tik, you gave us so much love and pleasure for the time you were allotted to be with us. All of us - Mommy, Daddy, Bob, Lauren and Chrissy - miss you so much and we know that one day we will see you again, at Rainbow Bridge where you are, I am sure, whapping Amber upside her head just to remind her how a dignified kitty is suppose to be treated. Wait for us, my dearest friends, for one day we shall surely meet again.
Pyewacket and Tiki - timeless love and devotion.

"Farewell Master, Yet not farewell
For where I go, ye too shall dwell
Though I be gone from ye face
A moment's time, a little space
When ye come where I have stepped
Ye will wonder why ye wept."

Kelly as I remember her best - always at my side. Summer 1986

For Kelly
"Walk Slowly  by Adelaide Love
If you should go before me, dear, walk slowly
Down the ways of Death, well-worn and wide,
For I should want to overtake you quickly
And seek the Journey's ending by your side.
I would be so forlorn not to descry you
Down some shining high road when I came;
Walk slowly, dear, and often look behind you
And pause to hear if someone calls your name."
How many babies took their first, stumbling steps into the world holding on to your neck? So many we lost count long ago. You walked slowly and oh, so patiently, for them. How many people lived in a dark and lonely world until you brought the light of your love to their empty existence? Again, more than we could count. You gave so much to so many. But  it was to me that you gave your greatest gift. You gave me your complete and unquestioning love and devotion. Kelly, you have been my dearest friend, partner and teacher for so long...and now
you have taken that final walk without me. Walk slowly,
my Kelly, and stop every so often to listen. For one day
I will surely call your name.
You are, and always will be, the best there could be. Bob,
Lauren, Chrissy, Fred, the daycare children and all of your ladies at the Mount love you. Your absence has left a hole in our hearts. And Kelly, as always, Mama loves you best in all the world. Forever.
Kelly...friend, partner, teacher and therapy dog extraordinaire.  Loved and missed by Gloria Dittmann and the entire  Dittmann family. She fought for so long and so valiantly. Now it is time for her to rest.
Dittmanns' Dawn Delight, CGC TDI
July 3, 1985 - January 20, 1996.

"Look for the rainbow
That gracious thing,
Made up of tears and light."
         Samuel Taylor Coleridge


Amber - DawnGlo She's Forever Amber, CGC TDI
She always watched over and cared for anything small and helpless.
"I'll be seeing you
In every lovely summer's day.
In everything that's bright and gay,
I'll always think of you that way.
I'll find you in the morning sun
And when the night is new
I'll be looking at the moon
But I'll be seeing you."
by Sammy Fain and Irving Kahal
You were our Protector of Hearth and Home. Once you loved, you loved forever. The children were always safe when you were on guard and your patience with them was endless. I will always remember the countless hours you spent watching the babies in the yard, making sure none wandered too far. You were always happiest here at home and although you tried to enjoy yourself, trips were hard for you and when we got home your joy at being HOME again was palpable. When you were on guard none could trespass here yet you were gentleness itself with anything smaller than yourself. You were the best, Amber....and now you are with Kelly once more and I miss your gentle wisdom and steady gaze. When the winds howl around the eaves of the house I fancy I can feel your noble head on my lap one more time and feel the gentle lap of your tongue on my hand. We were blessed with your love for 13 years and you are deeply missed and forever loved by all who were lucky enough to know you. And as always,  Mama loves you best in all the world. Forever.
Amber - March 5, 1989 - January 2, 2002.  Devotion.

"I'll lend you, for a little time,
A tiny creature of Mine, He said.
For you to love the while she lives
And mourn for when she's dead.
It may be days, months or years that end in three,
Bu will you, til I call her back,
Take care of her for Me?...
We'll shelter her with tenderness,
We'll love her while we may,
And for the happiness we've known,
Forever grateful stay.
But should the Angels call for her
Much sooner than we've planned,
We'll brave the bitter grief that come
And try to understand."  author unknown
There are two more angels in Heaven today, romping at Rainbow Bridge. We said goodbye to two beautiful Souls we never had a chance to know yesterday, although we loved them dearly. Two new stars in the Heavens told us they have found their place at the Bridge, welcomed with love by Toney, Kelly, Amber and Topaz. Goodbye and Godspeed, little ones. We will meet again someday
   Emmy's Baby Girl and
     Emmy's Baby Boy.
January 3, 2011-January 3, 2011.
     Forever loved and missed.

Soft as the voice of an angel,
Breathing a lesson unheard,
Hope with a gentle persuasion
Whispers her comforting word:
Wait til the darkness is over,
Wait til the tempest is done,
Hope for the sunshine tomorrow,
After the shower is gone.
-Alice Hawthorne

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