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This page contains the show record for
DawnGlo Midsummer Morn,
AKC CHIC #61104 - Emmy!

Emmy on the move at the HCA 2009 National, Lombard, IL


Emmy at HCA Nationals. August 20, 2009

It has become harder for owner/handlers to compete in the classes in the conformation ring. In the past, owner/handlers have encountered professional handlers in the Best of Breed competition but rarely in the classes (where points toward championship titles are awarded). Recently, however, the class rings have been pretty much taken over by professional handlers and it has become almost impossible, in this area, for owner/handlers to compete against the experienced handlers who make their living showing other peoples' dogs.
As a result, we have decided that until owner-handlers have a more level playing field we will no longer be competing in AKC-sanctioned conformation events.
              March, 2012

DeKalb Kennel Club Dog Show July 6, 2008
Emmy in the WB class. She went on to take a Major Reserve

DeKalb KC July 6, 2008
Emmy gaits her way to another Major Reserve! Thank you Judge Bettie Krause!

Emmy takes her second Reserve. Fond Du Lac. April 21, 2008

Emmy first place in Bred-By. April 21, 2008

Emmy on the go-round. Wisconsin Kennel Club 3-1-08

Saturday, March 1, 2008: Wisconsin Kennel Club Dog Show, Ms. Doris Cozart, Judge - DawnGlo Midsummer Morn took a 3 point Major Reserve. This was Emmy's second dog show and we are very proud of our little girl!

Emmy on the table. 3-1-08

Emmy down and back 3-1-08

Emmy and her Reserve ribbon. 3-1-08

Emmy and Gertie. DeKalb KC July 6, 2008
Showing isn't all work! Here are Emmy and Gertie playing between classes! Sisters!

Emmy's Test Results:
* BAER - Normal Bi-Lateral Hearing. Test Date 9/26/2007
     OFA #HAV-BR2346/1F-PI
*   Cardiac - Normal  Test Date 12/13/08 
      OFA #HAV-CA1159/16F/P-PI
** CERF - Normal  Test Date 12/16/10
      CERF #HV-5854/2010-41
* OFA Elbows - Normal - Test Date October 20, 2009
      OFA Certification #HAV-EL1002F26-VPI
* OFA Hips - Good - Test Date October 20, 2009
     OFA Certification #HAV-1936G26F-VPI
* OFA Hips - Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease 
     OFA Certification #HAV-LP810/26F-VPI
     Report Date - November 23, 2009
     "No phenotypic evidence of Legg-Calve-Perthes
        disease was recognized."
* OFA Patellas - Normal - Test Date October 20, 2009
     OFA Certification #HAV-PA2580/26F/P-VPI
* - Test performed once for lifetime of the dog
 ** - Test performed annually.