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May 2014
Just looking pretty!

Vacation July 2014
She really thought that plate of pasta was for her! No, Emmy, it is not yours!

January 13, 2012
Like any kid, Emmy celebrates snow!

Christmastime 2011

DawnGlo Midsummer Morn,
AKC CHIC #61104 - Emmy!
AKC Reg. #TR66426201
(CH Tapscott's Master of Ceremony x CH Tapscott's White Xmas DawnGlo)
Bred by Gloria S. Dittmann, DawnGlo Havanese, Lake Zurich, IL.
Recipient - 2009 HCA Gold Top Paw Health Award

Emmy tries out her new bed! November 7, 2011
Emmy was spayed on Friday, Nov. 4, 2011. She is recovering in comfort in her new bed!

May 10, 2011
Quite a change from a few months ago! 80+ degrees and Emmy suns herself!

February 2, 2011. Storm of the Century Aftermath!
Can you spot Emmy?

November 20, 2010
Emmy looking beautiful after a bath and grooming.

Emmy 10 months old. June 7, 2008

Anyone who thinks a dog can't smile -
Check out Emmy's smile!

Emmy at 8 months! April 5, 2008. HCA Regional


Day before IKC. Feb. 22, 2008. After Emmy's bath.


Emmy amost 6 months. Feb. 1, 2008

Emmy was bred and born right here at DawnGlo. Her Mom is AKC Champion of Record Tapscott's White Xmas DawnGlo, known to those who love her as Icee. Icee's Dad was CH Yes Giorio vom Salzetal, HCA Register of Merit Excellent Award winner. Icee's Mom is CH Couture's Princess d'Tapscott, HCA Register of Merit Excellent Award and HCA Brood Bitch of the Year 2006.
Emmy's Dad is CH Tapscott's Master of Ceremony, known as MC to his friends and fans. MC's Dad is CH West Creek Hot Shot Tapscott, Register of Merit Excellent Award and the first Havanese to go Best in Show at a major all-breed dog show. MC's Mom is Beautiful Carlita vom Salzetal, Register of Merit Excellent Award and HCA Brood Bitch of the Year in 2004.
Icee and MC both hold multiple health clearances. Icee received the HCA 4 Star Health Award in 2005 and both Icee and MC received the HCA 4 Star Health Award in 2006. Icee is the recipient of the 2007 HCA Gold Top Paw Health Award.

Who could resist this face?

Like most Havs, Emmy loves children! But care must be taken not to leave dog and baby alone!

Puppies are NOT stocking stuffers!
Puppies are for LIFE, not just for Christmas!

Yes, puppies ARE adorable!
Puppies are also a lot of work! Do not bring a puppy into your home and into your heart unless you are prepared to give the puppy the love, attention and training it needs!
Puppies do NOT housetrain themselves!
Puppies do NOT teach themselves to come when called!
Puppies cannot feed themselves!
Puppies cannot bathe themselves!
Puppies cannot brush themselves!
Puppies cannot grow into loving companions unless YOU care for them, teach them and love them!

Emmy's Test Results:
* BAER - Normal bi-later hearing- Test Date 9/26/2007 
    OFA #HAV-BR2346/1F-PI
* Cardiac - Normal  Test date 12/13/08 
      OFA #HAV-CA1159/16F/P-VPI
** CERF - Normal  Test date 12/16/10
      CERF #HV-5854/2010-41
* OFA Elbows - Normal - Test Date October 20, 2009
     OFA Certification #HAV-EL1002F26-VPI
* OFA Hips - Good - Test Date October 20, 2009
     OFA Certification #HAV-1936G26F-VPI
* OFA Hips - Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease 
     OFA Certification #HAV-LP810/26F-VPI
     Report Date - November 23, 2009
     "No phenotypic evidence of Legg-Calve-Perthes
        disease was recognized."
* OFA Patellas - Normal - Test Date October 20, 2009
     OFA Certification #HAV-PA2580/26F/P-VPI
* - Test performed once for lifetime of the dog
** - Test performed annually.