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Puppies are NOT stocking stuffers!

The Havanese rescue organization for the Midwest is HALO (Havanese Angel League Organization) HALO is always in need of foster homes for the dogs they rescue. For further information, please visit their website at: www.rescuedhavanese.org HALO dogs ready for adoption may also be found listed on PetFinders.
The national Havanese rescue organization is Havanese Rescue, Inc. They are always in need of foster homes for the Havanese they rescue. For further information please visit their website: www.havaneserescue.com

Dedicated breeders commit to selecting the RIGHT home for their puppies the FIRST time.
However, if you find you cannot continue to care for and love your pup, responsible breeders insist the dog is returned, regardless of the reason.
Responsible breeders want to insure none of their dogs EVER end up like one of these dogs!
Before you commit to the responsibility of a dog, please

March 14, 2011
Lexi turns 10 weeks old and gets her new home for her birthday present!

Desi appears in "The Nutcracker" as one of the children

Desi's solo - leaping for joy at his gift from Herr Drosselmeyer!

The puppies are 5 months old!
We had a little puppy reunion at the Windy City meeting! Glo with Gertie and Desi!

Please remember, puppies are for LIFE!

Desi at 5 months!