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 This page is the Conformation Show Record for
CH Tapscott's I'm A Hottie - Smudge.
CH Int Am BIS West Creek Hot Shot Tapscott ROMX x
CH Couture's Princess D'Tapscott ROM
Bred by Pamm and Jeanne Tapscott,
Tapscott's BIS Havanese

Mommy says: "Anyone who thinks it is not possible to  finish a dog without using a professional handler is missing most of the fun of conformation competition.  I was a complete novice in the breed ring but I finished Smudge to her AKC Championship completely owner-handled.  However, I was most definitely NOT alone!
I have been blessed to have the most wonderful "extended show family" anyone could ever hope for. There is no way I could have finished Smudge without the love and complete support of my incredible husband, Fred. Thanks to the Tapscotts, Tapscott's BIS Havanese, who sold Smudge to us. And Smudge and I could not have accomplished our wins
without Patty, who finally told me what I was doing wrong in the ring (even if I did have to twist her arm because she didn't want to hurt my feelings! Now THAT is a great friend!) and then told me how to do it right!  We also truly appreciate the support and encouragement of friends. That support is so important and when those friends are also your competition in the ring, it is a rare and wonderful thing to see! We are all genuinely happy for each other when we finish a dog and that is what makes our weekends at shows such a great time! I wish everyone who ever competes a network of friends and family like we have here at DawnGlo!"

This page is a record of my show experiences in the conformation ring. I had a lot of fun in the breed ring and now I am going to be cheering my baby sister, Icee, on from ringside. And the best part of being a Champion?

It took a lot of prep time to get me ready for the ring!

Smudge's first win...a major! Kankakee 12-1-02 Thank you, Judge Fred Bassett!

Belle-City Winner's Bitch March, 2003 Thank you , Judge Houston (Toddie) Clark

Best of Breed Clinton County K.C. 3-29-03 Thank you, Judge Robert Forsyth

Greater Freeport K.C. Winner's Bitch Thank you, Judge Anne D. Hearn

Smudge,WB at Chicago Gold Coast K.C. October 26, 2003. Thank you Judge Lesley E. Hiltz!

June 13, 2004   Chain O'Lakes K.C.  Winner's Bitch, Best Opposite Sex. Thank you, Judge Beverly K. Lehnig! Photo not available.

Smudge gaits her way to a Champion title. Greater Freeport K.C. Sept. 25, 2004

Greater Freeport K.C. Winner's Bitch, Best Opposite Sex. Judge Ms. F.M. Hogan

*Smudge going Best of Breed, Wheaton K.C., June 5, 2004. Thank you, Mrs. Dawn Vick Hansen.

Smudge, Best of Breed, Wheaton K.C. June 5, 2004. Thank you Judge Dawn Vick Hansen!

*Photo courtesy of Barb and Ed Francke. Thank you!

 Smudge's Point Record:
Kankakee River Valley K.C. - Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex -
Judge Mr. Fred C. Bassett
Belle-City K.C. - Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex -
Judge Mrs. Houston (Toddie) Clark
Clinton, Iowa K.C. - Winners Bitch, Best of Winners, Best of Breed -
Judge Mr. Robert S. Forsyth
Greater Freeport K.C. - Winners Bitch - Judge Mrs. Ann D. Hearn
Chicago Goldcoast K.C. - Winners Bitch - Judge Mr. Desmond J. Murphy
Chicago Goldcoast K.C. - Winners Bitch - Judge Mrs. Lesley E. Hiltz
Chain O' Lakes K.C. - Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex -
Judge Mrs. Beverly K. Lehnig
Greater Freeport K.C. - Winners Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex -
Judge Ms. Florise M. Hogan

BAER report available upon request.  Normal bi-lateral hearing. Test date 11-29-04. 

Latest CERF clear exam date - 12-29-08.
CERF #HV-1871/2008-87