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Topaz will always be a part of DawnGlo
The Original DawnGlo Gang. Topaz. Glo, Icee,Smudge

Icee and Glo. Barkapalooza, Lisle IL. Sept. 25, 2011

March 17, 2012
Fred and Ethel return!

February 2, 2011
The storm of the century (at least, so far!).

Icee and Emmy have been spayed and we are not planning any future breedings at DawnGlo. Thank you for visiting with us today.

A brief history and description.
The Havanese breed shares ancestry with the Maltese, Bichon Frise and Poodle. The ancestors of the Havanese can be traced back to Greco-Roman times and it is believed that these dogs originated on the island of Teneriffe, although the modern version of the breed dates to the 19th century.
Early traders who travelled from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean often carried live animals to use as barter or, in the case of small dogs, as entree into the homes of the wealthy Island planters. These little dogs were often given as gifts to the women of the house in the hopes that the husbands and fathers would then look favorably on the wares offered for trade.
The Spanish aristocracy often sent second sons to the Island of Cuba to seek their fortunes in that rich and fertile soil. These sons of Spanish "grandees" became, in turn, wealthy in their own right and vast plantations were carved out of the island soil. The rich planters wives were offered little dogs as gifts by the traders who landed on Cuba and it is from these ancestors that the Havanese was developed. Thought to be bred from the now-extinct Blanquito de  la Habana or Little White Dog of Havana, this little dog was also known as the Havana Silk Dog. Bred with the Poodle and other dogs found on the Island of Cuba, by the 19th century the Havanese type had been set and the Bichon Havanese had found its way into the hearts, not only of the Cubans, but of many residents of Europe. It is said that Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens owned Havanese and in the 20th century, Ernest Hemingway was said to be a fancier of the breed.
In the mid 1970's the political climate in Cuba changed and many of the wealthy residents left the Island. Most, believing that they would return soon, left their dogs behind in the care of servants. Some of the refugees, however, fled with their dogs. In the United States, Mrs. Dorothy Goodale, a resident of Colorado, had become interested in the breed and was able to initially acquire 6 Cuban Havanese with pedigrees. Subsequently she was able to obtain another 5 pedigreed Cuban Havanese and it is from these 11 dogs that all Havanese in the United States are descended. In 1991 the United Kennel Club in the United States recognized the Havanese and accepted, for registration in its stud, any dogs bred by the Goodales. The American Kennel Club recognized the Havanese in 1996 and the Havanese Club of America (www.havanese.org) was recognized as the Parent Club for the American Kennel Club-registered Havanese. The American Kennel Club admitted the Havanese to the Toy Group in 1999.
The little refugee from Cuba has now found its way into the hearts and homes of many fanciers in the United States as well as around the world. This little dog comes in all colors and color combinations. The topline of the Havanese is distinctive, being straight but rising slightly from withers to rump rather than being level. The outline of the Havanese is also distinctive, calling for a dog that is slightly longer than tall, carrying its head high and tail carried arched over the back. It's silky, profuse, double coat can grow to a length of 9 inches or more if left untrimmed. The size ranges from 8 1/2 to 11 1/2 inches at the withers. This is a sturdy little dog who delights in being part of a family. Always ready for a romp in the yard or a snuggle on a lap, the Havanese is equally at home in an apartment as well as the country or suburbs. Intelligent, friendly, happy, curious and outgoing, the Havanese thrives in most situations but will not tolerate being left alone for prolonged periods or being ignored.
Are there any drawbacks to owning a Havanese? Anyone contemplating adding a Havanese to the family must understand that this is a breed that needs and DEMANDS human attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Most behavior problems can be traced to the dog not getting the attention it needs from its owners.
In addition to its "velcro" temperament, the Havanese coat requires a great deal of care, even if kept trimmed. Because the undercoat is so soft and does not shed, it mats easily even when kept short and a daily session of brushing is necessary to keep the dog looking neat and well-kept. The problem of matting is especially difficult during the transition from puppy coat to adult coat and it is possible, during that time, that the owner will have to brush the dog more often than just once per day to keep the mats under control.
There are some who report that their Havanese puppies are difficult to housebreak. I maintain this is because the puppies are very small and therefore need to be taken outside more frequently than larger-breed puppies. If the new owner is committed to giving the Havanese puppy the time and attention it needs to teach it proper house manners, I do not believe that most Havanese puppies are any more difficult to housetrain than any other breed or mix of breeds. But yes, they do require more time since due to their small size, they have much less 'storage capacity' and therefore do require very frequent trips outside, at least in the first 3-4 months.
The Havanese CAN be the perfect breed for the right family, but anyone who is thinking of adding a Havanese to the household should first take the time to properly research this breed to determine if it will be a good 'fit' for your circumstances. The breed is far from "perfect" for all situations and it is up to you, if you are thinking of adding a puppy to the family, to become an educated consumer BEFORE you buy!

Not all dogs end up as lucky as
Abbey and Cody, seen below with our daughter, Chrissy. She rescued them, loves them and understands their special needs. Who will save the millions of unwanted dogs who die every year for want of a good home?
Think CAREFULLY before you add that puppy to your family!
Please remember now and all year long:
Puppies should NEVER be an impulse purchase!
Puppies and dogs are for LIFE, not just for Christmas or a birthday!

Our daughter, Chrissy, with her two rescues.
Abbey the BoxerBabe and Cody were both starving when they found Chrissy. Look at them now! Xmas 2009

CH Smudge. She can act like a lady when she wants to - she just rarely wants to!

CH Icee, the other garden fairy

Emmy - DawnGlo Midsummer Morn

DawnGlo Havanese
Who are we?
DawnGlo began more than 3 decades ago, with the first Golden Retriever to ever own my heart. Dittmanns' Dawn Delight, CGC, TDI (Kelly) was an amazing Soul and one of my "heart" dogs. DawnGlo began as a way to first acknowledge our partnership (Dawn+GLOria) and later as a way to honor her memory.  I will always keep the DawnGlo name for Kelly.
Here at DawnGlo we believe there is only one reason to breed any dog and that is to Improve The Breed. Reputable breeders understand that there can be no compromise in selecting only the healthiest dogs to add to the gene pool of this amazing breed. Please only deal with private, hobby breeders who are dedicated to improving the breed through selective breeding practices.

Who am I?
I am Gloria S. Dittmann. I have been involved in dogs, in one way or another, for over 50 years. For more than 20 years I was involved with Golden Retrievers and have been newsletter editor of "Golden Moments", the newsletter of the Golden Retriever Club of Illinois; the first Public Education Coordinator of the Golden Retriever Club of Illinois; Public Education Coordinator for the Golden Retriever Club of America; Public Education Coordinator for Rescue A Golden Service in Illinois; Online Public Education Coordinator for the Golden Retriever Club of America; Special Contributor to the Pets-Dogs bulletin board of the old Prodigy Interactive Computer Service. My articles on responsible breeding and puppy raising issues have been published internationally as well as in the United States and translated into several foreign languages, including Russian, Polish, French, German and Japanese.  
I am a Founding Member of the Windy City Havanese Club, which serves the Greater Chicagoland Area, and support the club by serving as the President; public education chair and the editor of the Hava-Breeze, the online newsletter for the Windy City Havanese Club. I am also a member of the Havanese Club of America.
I first became interested in the Havanese in 1999. I met my first Havanese at the International Kennel Club Dog Shows in February of 1999 and it was love at first sight. I started researching the breed, contacting breeders and the national breed club for information and I found a breeder (thank you Pamm and Jeanne Tapscott). I waited a long time until the right puppy chose me. The first time I saw a picture of Smudge I knew she was the perfect puppy for our family.
On September 25, 2004 Smudge took WB at Greater Freeport K.C. dog show in Freeport, Illinios. This was the second 3 point Major she needed to complete her American Kennel Club Champion title and our Smudge is now CHAMPION Tapscott's I'm A Hottie following limited showing in the Midwest!
On June 11, 2005 Icee took Winners Bitch and Best Opposite Sex at the Wheaton Kennel Club Dog Show in Wheaton, Illinois. These were the final 2 points she needed to complete her AKC Championship and Icee now joins her big sister as an AKC Champion of Record, again following very limited showing in the Midwest. Watch Smudge's Page, Icee's Page and Emmy's Page for current photos and news!
Emmy (DawnGlo Midsummer Morn) joined us in October, 2007. She was one-third of the first litter born here at DawnGlo and is Instigator-in-Chief. If there is trouble, chances are good that Emmy is nearby!

Radar at age 6
Radar, our Meyer's Parrot and the real Boss at our house!

Jade is a Nanday Conure
Jade belongs to our daughter, Chrissy. This is Jade at 3 months.

Glo with (from left) Desi, Gertie and Emmy. Our first DawnGlo litter!

the newest member of our extended family
Cody gets a little sister. Abbie is our daughter, Chrissy's, newest rescue. Abbie is a Boxer Babe.


Kelly - Dittmanns' Dawn Delight  and her TDI certification


Kelly on left, me, Amber (DawnGlo She's Forever Amber, CGC TDI) on vacation. Summer 1990.


Where can I find a puppy?
Please take the time to find a reputable breeder before even thinking of adding a Havanese puppy to your family! How do you locate reputable breeders? Go to the Havanese Club of America website (www.havanese.org) and contact the Breeder Referral service. Do NOT purchase a Havanese puppy from a pet store. These puppies are all born in the horrors of puppy mills or shipped from Hungary. US puppy mills create misery and horror for the animals condemned to live their lives there, for the puppies who are born sick or genetically deformed and for the buyers to think they are buying healthy puppies and end up with more misery than they ever thought possible. NO REPUTABLE BREEDER WILL EVER SELL TO A PET STORE!  Please see my Links page for further information on puppy mills and the horrors these places inflict on innocent dogs. Puppies shipped from Hungary are separated from their mothers and littermates at too young an age and flown halfway across the world. This, in and of itself, is enough to permanently traumatize an infant puppy and these babies often die enroute or arrive at their destination seriously ill. You owe it to yourself and your family to find the healthiest, happiest puppy possible and the only way to do this is to deal with breeders who know what they are doing and who truly care about this breed. Remember that the first step in becoming a responsible dog owner is to become an educated consumer!
For an in-depth, investigative report on puppy mills and pet stores, please to go:
About Our Family


My husband, Fred, and I have been married for 44 years and we have three grown children. Although Fred has always proclaimed that he is "not a dog person", he has fallen under the Havanese spell  and he can be seen proudly carrying Smudge , Icee or Emmy around show sites, checking out the vendors and looking for new toys to buy for 'his' girls! As the "unpaid kennel help" Fred has been my support and main cheering section at shows and at home. Smudge, Icee and Emmy think their Daddy is the best and they also know he is the soft touch around here for extra cookies! When Mom says "no more"...ask Daddy!


The Dittmann Family adds a daughter. June 28, 2003.



Daddy has a soft lap for baby Icee to nap on!


Cody is part of our extended family. Cody, a mixed-breed rescue, belongs to our daughter, Chrissy

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